Dr Disrespect previews new dance song to YouTube viewers

Dr Disrespect’s passion for music is perhaps as strong, if not stronger, than his passion for games, and yesterday he gave fans a little insight into what he’s been working on to grow his catalog.

During a stream yesterday, Doc told viewers he was working with the producer D+1 again to make more music, and it even gave everyone a glimpse of what’s on the horizon.

“I love creating, man,” he said. ” I do not know what it is. It’s just fun. It really is. I’m working on a new dance song. I’m talking about a song that I think could really hit in Germany, in dance clubs. …I think German nightclubs will love it.

Over the past two years, Disrespect has established a distinct sound through the music he has composed alongside J+1. With four singles released on Spotify over the past two years, songs attributed to Disrespect on the platform have racked up over 15 million plays.

Apart from that, he played many samples of potential songs on his stream, and he saw a lot of requests to complete the song he previously previewed. Admitting that it would be “nice” to finish this song or develop it further, he gave fans a glimpse of something else he was working on.

“It’s almost like here’s the basis of the song,” he said. “I don’t know if you want to hear it.”

But in the spirit of having a “transparent development process”, the Two-Time played a streaming audio file which was labeled “Eyes That Lie”. The the file was 4:23 and featured a prominent, driving kick drum with a keyboard riff over the top that gave off the very 1980s vibe one would expect from Doc’s taste.

He added that they were still “very early” in the process of creating the song, but his excitement for how the song might be received around the world could not be contained as he traveled through all the countries that thought it might be a hit.

“I just have a feeling about this one,” he said.

Doc has been open about his music making since switching to YouTube following his permanent ban from Twitch. During the period between his ban and his move to YouTube, he teased the song Alleyways, which is approaching 10 million plays on Spotify.

Shirley K. Rosa