Dad builds a DIY pool in the garden after watching YouTube videos

A devoted dad has found a new way to beat the sweltering heat: build his own swimming pool. You can see it at work below:

Yes, as the UK grapples with a heat wave, Alex Dodman has made his nomination for Dad of the Year, building a swimming pool for his children from scratch.

Alex learned how to build the awesome structure just by watching YouTube videos – the only thing we learned from YouTube were conspiracy theories, but each in their own way.

Alex lives with his partner Sarah and their two children Alfie and Eddie.

Since moving into their home in 2017, Alex, who is a paramedic by trade, has made some pretty practical improvements to the home, including a home theater and gym.

If he has a spare minute and wants to fix our house, we’d totally be okay with it.

Alex finished the pool in time for the heat wave. Credit: Caters

Still, Alex’s latest project may be his greatest, because there’s nothing you want more battling a heat wave than jumping into your own swimming pool.

Alex said of the construction work: “I did everything myself, from picking up the materials and hauling them around my garden, to hiring a digger and digging the hole and the tiling and all the plumbing. .

“I watched a YouTube video on my lunch break showing someone building a swimming pool and the same day I was on the phone hiring a mini digger.”

For the DIY dad, having a private pool was a dream come true. He added: “I had dreamed of having [a] swimming pool once the house was renovated, and I had even reserved a small plot to hopefully build it one day.

Seriously, imagine having your own swimming pool.  Credit: Caters
Seriously, imagine having your own swimming pool. Credit: Caters

“When I watched a YouTube video of a woman in Holland building a swimming pool, I knew I wanted to do it.”

However, it wasn’t all easy, as Alex started the project in January 2020, digging a massive hole in his garden, only for Covid to strike and he “couldn’t get anything material”. [wise] During a very long time’.

He continued, “In retrospect, it was a bit of a blessing that I had to quit. It slowed it down, allowing me to take my time with what I was buying and ordering and knowing what which I needed.

“Because most places were closed, I started buying the things I needed from Facebook Marketplace, which was much cheaper.”

So Alex bought blocks from leftover building projects and a heater so the pool wouldn’t freeze.

And all we can say is what YouTube videos does he watch and can he help us with ours.

Shirley K. Rosa