Cardi B obtains an injunction forcing the removal of defamatory YouTube videos

Photo credit: Frank Schwichtenberg / CC by 4.0

Cardi B has obtained an injunction to force the removal of defamatory videos posted by YouTuber Latasha Kebe.

The injunction comes just months after the rapper won a $2.6 million defamation lawsuit against the YouTuber. According to court documents obtained by Radio 1 Newsbeat, a judge ordered Kebe to remove 20 YouTube videos linked to the Cardi B defamation case.

During that lawsuit, Cardi B argued that Kebe waged “a campaign to damage and destroy [the rapper’s] reputation among its fans and the consuming public. Cardi B argued that Kebe began making “demeaning and harassing statements” in videos beginning in early 2018 and continued to do so. In a video, Kebe falsely claims that Cardi B worked as a prostitute.

The injunction forces Latasha Kebe to take down 21 defamatory videos posted on YouTube within the next five days.

Kebe is also prohibited from making statements about Cardi B’s sexual health and personal life. The judge said both parties agreed to the terms set out in the permanent injunction. The State of Georgia sided with Cardi B in the original lawsuit, holding Kebe liable for defamation, false light and intentional infliction of emotional distress. In total, Kebe was forced to pay over $4 million in damages and legal fees.

Latasha Kebe is appealing the initial verdict. If the Court of Appeal overturns the initial decision, this injunction would also be revoked. Cardi B’s decision awarded $1 million for general damages and $250,000 for medical bills Cardi B suffered in connection with the defamation.

The appeal is unlikely to be granted due to testimony from the original trial. Kebe spoke up and admitted to the judge that she knowingly spread lies about the rapper in her videos. This statement is what helped the federal jury convict her of defamation and invasion of privacy.

Shirley K. Rosa