BTS V Might Secretly Watch Your YouTube Videos: Deets Inside

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BTS and ARMY have an amazing relationship where they always support each other.

BTS has a loving relationship with each other and they have often seen each other supporting each other.

For example, BTS promoted their new anthology album PROOF, performing on a music show for the first time after a two-year hiatus. And luckily, Army was able to see their performance live, and BTS surprised them with the best gifts.

While the gifts included heart-shaped cookies, coffee, beauty products and beautiful roses. And the roses turn out to be the best thing because when the roses dried, they turned from pink to purple.

Also, these roses are so special that they didn’t want to leave them, so they decided to dry them well and make resin art. And that’s because they’re together forever. says OP

But international fans may not be able to receive these gifts from k-pop group BTS, V later expressed his love for all army personnel.

In response to ARMY’s post on Weverse, Kim Taehyung revealed that he’s been busy watching ARMY’s videos.

As one of the fans commented: My pride, my heaven and my love.

To which V replied: I watch army videos.

The V fan asked which video V shared the link of the videos and said he was torn watching.

As V confirmed that he was watching YouTube videos, one of the fans joked that he should start making YouTube videos as well, to which V encouraged the fan by saying that he is living in the process. watching YouTube videos lately.

And, you can also ask BTS, V to watch your YouTube videos, which you just shared with him on Weverse.

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