Ben Foster has been fined by Watford over YouTube videos

“We want a culture of excellence at Watford. Those videos weren’t that…”

Ben Foster has been fined by Watford for refusing to stop filming YouTube videos about the club, according to club CEO Scott Duxbury.

In fact, Foster agreed to stop posting videos from inside the club, according to Duxbury, but he didn’t stop.

Foster’s YouTube videos are hugely popular as he shows his millions of viewers what life is like as a professional footballer with behind-the-scenes insight.

However, Doxbury believes the videos did not represent the ‘culture of excellence’ that Watford were aiming for.

Ben Foster video controversy

Doxbury told the Watford Observer“There are a lot of things that happen in a season that are politically sensitive and cannot be discussed with the fans as I would like.

“However, now that the season is over, I will say that I think some of the videos were disappointing. Our sporting director, Cristiano Giaretta, met Ben and asked him to stop. He promised he would, but he did not. He was fined.

“We want a culture of excellence at Watford. Those videos weren’t that. I wanted to say publicly at the time that the videos were totally fake and that we had fined the player and asked him to stop, but that was just not something I could do.

“Going forward, player contracts will contain clauses that make it clear that this type of behavior will not be allowed.”

Videos of Ben Foster

Foster has since left Watford, following the club’s relegation to the Championship.

He currently has no clubs, although he has been linked with Leeds United. It would be interesting to see if he would be Leeds’ first or second-choice goalkeeper.

We’re sure he’ll make it clear that he wants to continue filming videos at whatever his new club is.

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