BARB consults on extending reporting to video-sharing platforms

BARB consults on extending reporting to video-sharing platforms

BARB has been reporting program audiences for SVOD services like Disney+ and Netflix, and service-level viewing of video-sharing platforms like TikTok and YouTube, since November 2021. It is now looking to expand those reports to encompass all television and similar content. on video-sharing platforms.

The goal of the consultation is to build an industry-wide consensus on what is meant by television-like content. As a starting point, BARB has identified three requirements that align with the principles of the EU Audiovisual Media Services Directive and public statements made by advertisers. These requirements are:

  • Videos and channels must be under the editorial control of a professional media service provider.
  • They must operate to industry-agreed standards for brand safety.
  • They can be categorized by genre to help advertisers and agencies understand the editorial environment in which their ads appear.

BARB has appointed Paul Evans as an independent consultant to lead the consultation. Evans is a former advertiser, most recently as global head of media for Vodafone. The consultation will invite practitioners from across the industry – media agencies, advertisers, broadcasters and video-sharing platforms – to help shape the definition of television-like content. Evans will present his findings to the BARB Strategy Board in the fall.

BARB will use these results to articulate a definition of television-like content that can support its specifications for establishing a reliable BARB panel measurement of this viewing.

Justin Sampson, Managing Director of BARB, said:“Innovation enabled BARB to achieve a major milestone last year. Since November 2021, we provide daily audience data for SVOD and video sharing services. This enhances what was already the most comprehensive and granular measurement service for all forms of television on all devices.

“We are now ready to specify the next evolution of our industry’s benchmark measurement of what people watch.”

Shirley K. Rosa