Assistant now responds with YouTube videos on Google TV

Google has officially created a roundup post on its Nest Community Forum features that we’ve been following and reporting on for some time now. From birthday cards appearing on Nest Hub devices, to a completely redesigned Hub UI with more Pixel-like functionality following its upcoming third-gen smart home detachable display.

One thing that caught my eye about this roundup is that Assistant is getting a new trick on Google TV and Android TV devices. Currently, when you hold down the Assistant button on your remote and ask a question, you’ll receive a voice readout of a Google search result that was located first on the web.

Now, to prioritize the fact that you’re sitting in front of a much larger screen in order to watch video content, the assistant will instead play a YouTube video in response to your questions.

Asking about Chromecast with Google TV just got more interesting, with news and YouTube videos being part of the results.

Google Nest Community

You can also now install TikTok on your TV using the Play Store app on Google TV – you know, if you want to lose a few brain cells on devices other than your phone. Along with these changes, the Google Home app is also getting a simpler control layout for your connected devices, and the Home flow is being redesigned to put your most recent and important events front and center.

As for YouTube video responses for the assistant, I personally love this and hope it will also allow users to choose from other video sources, although this may be unlikely as Google is browsing, well , Google for answers to questions using its robust Knowledge Graph. Do you like the evolution of Google TV or would you rather the company slow down and tweak some things instead of introducing new features?

Shirley K. Rosa