Android YouTube app enables video sharing with Google TV

YouTube has announced a new Android app update that it says will make it easier to play videos from your phone or tablet on your TV, via a blog post. The app will automatically pair an enabled mobile device with Google TV as long as they both use the same Wi-Fi signal, allowing one-touch content sharing.

The user will need to search for YouTube content in the app and tap on an associated TV icon which will stream the chosen video on Google TV. The mobile device will in turn be transformed into a makeshift remote control and allow the user to scroll, skip the video and pause the TV.

The app will also take advantage of cloud technology giving users the ability to connect multiple devices to the same TV – a feature that YouTube hopes will be used in a social setting as friends can add their own picks to the TV playlist.

“It’s about making it super easy to watch videos on TV,” YouTube product manager Timbo Drayson said in an interview with CNET.

“My goal here is really just to allow my mum to do that, I want her to be able to not even realize what she’s doing, and without even knowing it, she’s finding videos and watching them on TV .”

The upgrade will be available for non-Android devices in the near future.

Shirley K. Rosa