Android users can watch YouTube videos in groups with 100 friends

Google has added a new batch of free features for Android phones to help share many files at once, warn deaf users of alarming sounds, and watch YouTube videos together.

Like many other small features, those Google presented on Thursday via a blog post are a bit of a purse, but they are quality of life improvements in several categories. Android owners can use Nearby Sharing – the AirDrop-like local sharing feature – to instantly send files in bulk to multiple Android devices logged into the same account at once, and they will receive the file even if their device is off .

While the Sound Notifications feature previously alerted deaf and hard of hearing users to specific sounds such as fire alarms, running water and door knocking, users can now add their own custom list of sounds to trigger notifications, whether it’s a siren, a bird whistle or Slack’s iconic knocking sound.

Google TV also has a new feature for the blind and visually impaired community, with a new curated library of movies with audio descriptions. To find the list, press the Google Assistant button and ask for “Search audio description movies”.

You can also group videos on YouTube or play a handful of classic games like Uno or Heads Up with up to 100 friends via Google Meet thanks to the new live sharing features, accessible via the three-dot button at the bottom right. from the menu. bar.

Shirley K. Rosa