America First Patriot, LLC Launches Video Sharing Platform, PATRIOT TV®

The conservative social network continues to bolster its platform with its new rollout, offering more features and services than any other right-wing social network to date.

PHOENIX, March 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Phoenix– based in America First Patriot, LLC announced Monday that it has launched its video-sharing platform, Patriot TV®, integrating it with its flagship social network, Company co-founder Mike Allen states, “We are constantly adding features and services, with the goal of increasing user registrations and enticing curators to download our apps and ultimately position our platform as the reference social network for patriots.”

Patriot TV is a robust and capable platform that can host over a billion videos and supports FFMPEG video conversion, allowing users to download videos with resolutions up to 12k. It also has a complete advertising system using Vpaid and Vast respectively.

From the user’s perspective, Patriot TV® offers an endless array of features, including live streaming of events such as political rallies and business conferences. Or if a 2022 political candidate has a new message about their campaign, they can host a live stream and then record and save it to their channel for subscribers to watch later. The platform has a movies system, allowing users to upload, watch, share and sell movies. It also includes a video studio allowing users to manage and edit videos and provides powerful analytics to monitor statistical data, including keywords used to find their videos, viewer locations and referral sources. .

According to Allen, all registered users can watch videos and interact (like, comment and share) with Patriot TV editors, but members who wish to upload or upload videos themselves will need to be “verified”, which is accomplished. by providing photo ID. Moreover, only premium members can monetize their channels and create subscriber lists. was founded by Mike Allenand Gary Ross in 2021 to meet the needs of conservative Americans who felt they could not voice their opinions or share their views on issues facing Americans. Major social media sites and video sharing sites have blocked, banned or deleted articles and even users from their platforms who dared to post information that differed from their schedules. “I felt we could either sit down and complain or we could do something about it. So, as a web developer and programmer, I decided to put my money where I was and develop an alternative.” And now conservative Americans have a social network, combined with a video-sharing platform, all in one place they can call home. We have received tremendous support and feedback from users literally thanking us for creating our platform. In the end, it’s worth it.”

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