6 of the best YouTube videos for falling asleep

Getting enough sleep is an essential part of any healthy lifestyle. But it’s hard to be sure.

According to sleep healthsleep-related issues affect tens of millions of Americans every day, and New York Times reported that up to “20-30% of people in the general population sleep poorly”. Sleeping in general can be difficult, but falling asleep is a particularly difficult problem to solve. For some people, soothing music can help us fall asleep – including some videos on YouTube.

Here are our favorite YouTube videos for falling asleep.

“Heavenly White Noise”

This 10 hour ambient video is just soft white noise. You can put it in the background and it will run while you sleep.

“Oldies music is playing from another room and it’s raining with thunder”

This video is precisely what it sounds like: sweet oldies music played softly, with rain and thunder playing over it. Chain, Nemo’s Dreamscapeshas many more videos like this that are perfect for falling asleep or just putting on before bed.

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If you prefer ambient music for sleeping, this might be more suited to your driveway than “Celestial White Noise” or “Oldies music playing from another room and it’s raining with thunder.” Think of the music you might hear during a soothing yoga class – that’s what you’ll get here.

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For pure relaxation in the rain, try this video from Jason Stephenson – Meditation Music for Sleep. It will stay on for three hours, giving you plenty of time to fall into a deep sleep.

“ASMR Mask with Almond Milk and Oats (Stirred/Application) Pampering Personal Attention”

Some people prefer to hear ASMR to relax and fall asleep, and Karuna Satori does a lot of that for its more than one million subscribers.

“ASMR prepares you for bed 🌙 care, brushing, massage, rain 🌧”

This video is specially designed to prepare for bed and lasts approximately one hour. This is ideal if you want an ASMR to calm and comfort you when you fall asleep, but don’t necessarily want a video playing all night.

Shirley K. Rosa