4K YouTube Videos Won’t Be Tied to Premium Membership After All

Earlier this month, it was discovered that YouTube was testing 4K video exclusivity for Premium subscribers. Well, it looks like the company chose not to, 4K YouTube videos will not be tied to a Premium membership after all.

4K YouTube videos won’t require a Premium subscription after all, it seems

One of YouTube’s official Twitter handles confirmed this. ‘TeamYouTube‘ said, in a Tweet, that the company had “completely disabled the experience”. It was also added that “viewers should now be able to access 4K quality resolutions without a Premium subscription”.

Earlier, YouTube said some of its users were part of the test, which aims to explore “the feature preferences of Premium and non-Premium viewers.” Those tweets are now deleted, however.

Needless to say, when the first information surfaced, people were quite upset. Many of them are watching YouTube content in 4K without a Premium subscription, and with all the changes to ads, that certainly hasn’t been well received.

Now, just because YouTube ended this test doesn’t mean the change won’t happen at some point. There’s always the possibility that 4K streaming will move behind a paywall. Keeping it free for all users certainly isn’t free, and on some level the change wouldn’t be entirely surprising. It would create shock waves, that’s for sure.

YouTube also changes ads

YouTube is also making changes to ads on the free tier, and many would say the company is crossing the line. The YouTube Premium subscription isn’t exactly free, as it costs $11.99 per month. However, you get unlimited access to YouTube Music.

If you opt for a family plan and have your family members or friends go with you, you can get everything much cheaper. The thing is, you have to pay to avoid ads, get full features, and unlimited access to YouTube Music.

Whether YouTube plans to do anything after this test remains to be seen, but hopefully 4K streaming will remain free.

Shirley K. Rosa